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We Can Use a Laser to Restore Your Youthful Looks

Lasers are used for a whole range of different things today. For example, they are used in cutting and welding, military devices for marking targets and measuring range and speed, measuring a room, car headlamps, optical disk drives, barcode scanners, laser printers, and a whole lot more. The word laser is derived from "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. (more…)

San Mateo Residents Care About Their Appearance

Residents of San Mateo really care about their health and their looks. They take exercise, go jogging, eat fresh fruit and veg every day, many belong to a gym, and they make sure to wear smart clothes – none of those jeans with rips all over them! Indeed, they really look after their skin as well and visit cosmetic dermatologists in San Mateo. (more…)

Aging Affects Us Our Skin, but Now You Can Have Smoother Skin With Laser Skin Treatment Right Here in Foster City

There is an old saying that only two things are certain in life-death, and taxes. While that is true, it is not quite true, because the aging process is something that happens to everyone without exception and it can lead to embarrassment for many people. (more…)