Monthly Archives - February 2021

We Can Help Bay Area Men Who Want Cosmetic Dermatology

More and more, men in the Bay Area from San Francisco to San Mateo, Burlingame to Foster City and up and down the Peninsula, are taking care of their appearance. We see many men in our cosmetic dermatology clinic right here in Foster City. Many live or work in nearby San Mateo. We are a hop, skip and a jump away from San Mateo, and many men come in for their facials on their lunch breaks. (more…)

Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology Can Rejuvenate Your Skin With a Laser

If you are considering laser skin rejuvenation in San Mateo, you need to come over to Foster City to Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology. We use several different therapies for making your skin taught and smooth again, some of which involve the use of lasers, but exactly which we will recommend will depend on your particular skin condition. (more…)

Juvederm® Is a Well-Known Skincare Brand and Often Requested

Juvederm® is one of the most visible brands in the skincare industry and it is not uncommon for patients to ask for it by name. If you are looking for  Juvederm treatment in and around Foster City (e.g., San Mateo or Burlingame), you need to take the short drive over to Foster City to see us at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology where it is one of the brands that we use to restore skin to a youthful appearance. (more…)