Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology Offers Skin Treatment Options, The Skin is a Reflection of Your Health

People say the eyes are the “windows to your soul,” and that’s true, but your skin can mirror the condition of your health. Flawless, dewy skin reflects health and vitality.A woman showing before and after after a microskin peel and laser resurfacing. Some people are blessed with beautiful skin from the beginning, but most of us need to keep a regular skincare routine to cultivate a consistent, healthy glow. This can require a regular regime of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. The simple practice can keep a person looking good for several years, but at some point, additional help is required.

Gradual changes naturally happen to our skin as we move along, but these changes can accelerate due to unhealthy habits. Busy Bay Area professionals might spend too many nights relying on salty, fatty take-out after work (yes, we admit we love that Chinese take-out spot on our corner too). Excessive smoking and vaping can give the skin a dry, sallow complexion. Happy hours and weekends involving too much alcohol can dehydrate the skin. Finally, as a skincare clinic in Foster City, California, we would only be doing our job if we mentioned the harm of UV light. As we’ve stated before, too much sun is known to parch the skin and cause wrinkles, age spots, or worse, skin cancer.

Are we implying that having perfect skin means you can’t enjoy yourself? Skip the fast food and avoid all bars, sunshine, and fun? No! Everything can be enjoyed in moderation. In fact, for good skin, it should be. Because a joyful life is also reflected in one’s appearance.

Daily “sun baths” are vital for happiness and good health

As dermatology professionals, we often discuss the dangers of sun exposure. And an overabundance of UV light is detrimental to the skin’s health; however, small amounts are beneficial. Studies show that every day, about 5 to 15 minutes of sun exposure is essential to our well-being. It gives our bodies a natural boost of vitamin D, supporting bone health. It lifts our mood by releasing the “happiness hormone” serotonin. This can create better focus and calm. All those inner health benefits of a short “sun bath” are echoed via how the skin appears.

But let’s be honest, are you only outside for 15 minutes if it’s a beautiful sunny day? Probably not. That is why even people who think they are diligent with hats and sunscreen visit our Foster City skincare clinic. The wear and tear folks naturally experience will eventually show itself in their appearance. And more than a simple skincare routine is needed to get back to looking your best.

That’s why our skincare clinic provides a selection of treatments to fit individual skin problems. We offer injectables like Botox and Restylane to smooth and plump fine lines. There is laser skin rejuvenation to stimulate collagen. We also provide skin resurfacing and laser treatment to slough off dead skin and bring out glowing skin underneath.

Help Us to Help Your Skin Stay Hydrated

One of the best things you can do is stay hydrated. Our expert skincare clinic team can do a lot to bring out your best self, but we don’t control what you put into your body. Water is truly the source of life and vitality. Harvard Health Publishing suggests people drink four to six cups of water daily. The study also notes that the amount can vary depending on the needs of the individual.

Drinking fresh, clean water will help normalize blood pressure, flush out bacteria from your bladder, and help balance sodium. It carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells, including your skin cells! Not only is drinking water good for one’s overall health, but it could also determine how long our clinical skin treatments last. A healthy, well-nourished body tends to extend that healthy glow we help achieve.

As the top skincare clinic in Foster City, CA, moderation is the key to great skin. So, enjoy your life because it will reflect in your appearance. Contact our clinic (https://svaestheticderm.com/about/) to boost that healthy appearance your skin deserves!

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