There Are Several Types of Skin Care, Among Them Lasers

Written by: Lee McDonald

November 1, 2020

The use of lasers is an amazing technology for skin care. More and more people today are seeking skin rejuvenation in San Mateo because they know the technology is available on their doorstep in Foster City. Laser skin rejuvenation in San Mateo.Why put up with wrinkles and frown lines that make you look so much older than you feel, when a trip to Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology can rid you of them and make you look so many years younger?

Take a look at famous people such as Joan Collins. She’s 87 for heaven’s sake. Joanna Lumley is 74. Linda Gray is 80. Elizabeth Hurley is 55. How do you suppose they look as fabulous as they do? Wouldn’t you like to get rid of your wrinkles and look like they do? Laser skin rejuvenation in San Mateo can help by getting rid of wrinkles, warts, and other skin blemishes without any need for injections or surgery.

But most important of all, and even better than lasers alone, is to have an expert doctor who knows what to do and can create a customized skin care plan for you and your face. And that is what you get with the team at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology.

We Use Lasers For Many Purposes

We use lasers for different purposes, one of which is to remove tattoos. Getting a tattoo these days is very easy. However, what do you do when you no longer want it. That can be for one of many reasons, but you can’t just wipe it off because you have changed your mind. It is there for good.

Unless you come to us and let us use our laser to remove it for you. That will give you the chance for a fresh start – even to get another tattoo if you wish!

Photo Facials are another technology that we use that is becoming ever more popular. This is a process that uses a light-based technology that will boost collagen and reduce skin blemishes. There are two types of Photo Facials, one of which uses LED lights and is used for minor skin blemishes because it acts only on the outer layer of the skin’s epidermis. For problems that go deeper such as wrinkles and age spots we use intense-pulsed light. Both work extremely well and will remove those embarrassing blemishes, giving your skin that clean and fresh look that you desire.

We can also use lasers for hair removal. If you want to remove hair from any part of your body where it is growing unwanted, lasers can do that too.

Whatever your problems with skin rejuvenation in San Mateo, at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology we have the answer. Book an appointment with one or our specialists for a free consultation on laser skin rejuvenation.

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