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San Mateo Residents Can Get Skin Care Less Than 10 Minutes’ Drive Away

San Mateo is said to be the most expensive place in California in which to live, with a median home price of just under $1.2 million. That is 243% compared to the national average of 100%. Groceries are 29% higher, and transport 34% higher. Need to see the doctor? That’s $133 a visit. Phone bill $195 a month! (more…)
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Botox Is Great! We Love It. But There Are Alternatives Which May Be Better

If you are looking for skin care in San Mateo and considering injectables, the #1 brand is arguably Botox. However, it is by no means the only brand, which is why, at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology in Foster City, we provide our clients with the full range of injectables and a skin care specialist who can assess which ones are right for you. (more…)
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Foster City (Pop. 34,000) Is Not Huge, but It Is Our Hometown, and We Love It

Foster City is not a big city, but at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology it is our home, and we love it. There are lots of things to see and do here, including the crown jewel, which is the lagoon with extensive water ways, walkways, and other recreational facilities. (more…)
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For Skin Injectables in San Mateo, Come to the Experts in Foster City

San Mateo is a city of medium size with a population of about 105,000. It is situated about 20 miles south of San Francisco and roughly 30 miles north of San Jose. The economy of San Mateo would best be considered very diverse with jobs in the technology, health care, financial services, government, and retail trade fields being among the most numerous. (more…)
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Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology Announces New Post on San Mateo Cosmetic Dermatology

May 31, 2021 – San Mateo, California. Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, a best-in-class skin care clinic serving Foster City, San Mateo, and Burlingame is proud to announce a new post for San Mateo cosmetic dermatology. (more…)
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