Monthly Archives - October 2022

The Best Burlingame Skin Care Clinic Is Actually in Foster City

Hey, Burlingame residents! If you are looking for Burlingame skin care clinics, here's a secret. The "best" Burlingame skin clinic isn't in Burlingame. It's in Foster City. And it’s called Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology. We are only just over ten-minutes’ drive away and we provide everything that you will ever need, as well as some that you might not need. (more…)

You Don’t Need Skin Care to Make You Look Good. You Want to Look GREAT!

As we get older, our skin can cause all sorts of different issues. Wrinkles are an obvious problem, but you can get sagging skin on the neck, sagging eyebrows, lines on the forehead, sunspots, and so on. Some people simply regard it as part of the aging process – which it is, of course – and shrug it off. (more…)

If You Have Wrinkles, as Many Bay Area Folks Do, Botox May, or May Not Be the Answer

If you suffer from wrinkles there is some good news. You are not alone! Many people here in San Mateo, Foster City, and indeed the entire San Francisco Bay Area, suffer from wrinkles as they get older, and it is true that some people just regard it as a fact of life and take no notice. (more…)