If You Are Looking for the Younger “You”, Laser Skin Therapy Is Good

Written by: Lee McDonald

June 14, 2022

As we get older, one of the unfortunate things that happens is that we begin to look older. Now some people just accept that as a part of life’s rich pageant, so to speak, but for others it can be distressing. Laser skin therapy can restore those youthful looks.People who live in the San Francisco Bay Area (for example, Foster City, San Mateo, and Burlingame), by and large want to look smart, and they certainly don’t want wrinkles and other marks on the skin, such as those cause by spending too much time in the sun.

Yes, we know. We all did that years ago because we really didn’t know all that we know now, and anyway – we were young and carefree! But it can certainly catch up with us further down the line.

However, we now also have some advanced methods of dealing with these issues, one of which is laser skin therapy in Foster City. Yes, we use lasers for lots of different things today. For instance, you can use a laser to measure the size of a room if you want to order a carpet. They can be used for soldering, cutting, drilling, welding, cladding, engraving, micromachining, and a whole lot more. And they can be used to make your skin look years younger.

Turn Back The Clock on Your Skin

In fact, laser skin therapy in Foster City is available at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, and our lasers are fantastic tools which can turn back the clock. Very many people don’t feel old even though they are old, but they can certainly look old, and that is what we now have the skills to deal with.

We can also use a laser to get rid of unwanted hair. If you have hair on your legs or for that matter anywhere else that you would prefer not to have it, we can remove it with a laser and give you that soft skin that you have always wanted. Our lasers can also restore your younger skin by removing fine lines and wrinkles, warts, scars, and so on. They can remove layers of old skin with pinpoint accuracy and the new skin that grows will make you look years younger.

We also use non-ablative lasers which don’t remove layers of skin, but can be used for spider veins, rosacea, and acne issues. If you are looking to restore those youthful looks, then Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology is what you need.

You may not need laser skin care in Foster City at all. You might be better off with one of our injectables such as Botox, Juvederm, Dysport, and so on. Or one of the many other types of skin care that we provide.

Make an appointment to see one of our expert consultants who can assess your skin condition and advise you of the most appropriate procedure for your particular skin issues.

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