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Not Everyone’s Skin Is the Same. Older Women Have Different Needs

When it comes to skincare, no two people’s requirements are exactly the same. So, for example, we know that skincare for older women will often require a different approach from those who are younger. This is why, at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, we have a wide range of different treatments available in order that we can cater for anyone, regardless of their skin type and condition. (more…)

You May Be Wondering If Ultherapy Is the Right Treatment for Great Skin

It is a fact of life that as we age our skin is going to become looser and form wrinkles. Some people simply accept it as “one of those things”, but for others it can be a very distressing experience. Probably, the prettier you were in your late teens, the worse it seems when you get to your fifties or even older. (more…)