Medical Dermatology

The skin, our body’s largest organ, is not only our protective shield against the world but also a reflection of our health, age, and vitality. As time marches on, our skin naturally reveals signs of wear, age, and exposure to the elements. However, with the advancements in dermatological technology, we now possess powerful tools to keep our skin looking as youthful and vibrant as we feel inside.Medical dermatology and dermatologists in Foster City and San Mateo.

The Technological Edge in Dermatology

Modern dermatology is an exciting field, standing at the crossroads of advanced technology and medical expertise. From innovative imaging tools that allow for deeper skin analysis to cutting-edge treatments that target specific layers of the skin, today’s dermatological solutions are efficient, precise, and tailored to individual needs.

These technological breakthroughs can address a spectrum of concerns: wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, scars, sun damage, and more. By understanding the skin at a cellular level and harnessing the power of technology, dermatologists can rejuvenate, repair, and revitalize, bringing out the skin’s natural beauty. Our dermatology clinic is based in Foster City, California, and serves clients from nearby communities such as San Mateo, Burlingame, and San Carlos.

Transforming Lives, One Skin at a Time

Consider Julia, a 48-year-old businesswoman from San Mateo. Her long hours and frequent business travels began reflecting on her skin through premature aging and dullness. With the assistance of tailored dermatological treatments, not only were these concerns addressed, but she also regained her confidence and zeal.

Then, meet Alex, a 56-year-old golfer from Burlingame, who, while enjoying his time under the sun, accumulated a series of sunspots and an uneven skin tone. Through targeted treatments and therapies, his skin was restored to its former even-toned glory, making him feel more in touch with his youthful spirit.

Lastly, there’s Isabel, a spirited 63-year-old grandmother from Palo Alto. Her laugh lines, a testament to her jovial nature, were becoming more prominent. Through non-invasive dermatological procedures, those lines were smoothed out, and her skin regained its natural elasticity and bounce.

Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology: Your Partner in Skincare

For those in the vicinity of Foster City, California—including neighboring San Mateo, Burlingame, and Palo Alto—the journey to impeccable skin is shorter than you think. Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology is not just a clinic; it’s a sanctuary where science meets aesthetics.

Our commitment goes beyond just treatments. We believe in a holistic approach, where each client’s concerns are heard, understood, and addressed in a personalized manner. To ensure that prospective clients can make an informed decision, we are proud to offer a free consultation. This initial session is an opportunity to discuss skin aspirations, understand the myriad of treatment options, and chart out a bespoke skincare path.

Modern Dermatology Near You

In this modern era, where technology touches every aspect of our lives, why should skincare be any different? Dermatology today offers solutions that are both effective and minimally invasive, ensuring that we can age gracefully, with our skin reflecting our inner vigor and vitality.

Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology in Foster City stands ready to guide you on this transformative journey. With a blend of advanced technology, seasoned expertise, and a genuine passion for skincare, we’re here to help you unveil the best version of yourself. Age is just a number; let your skin tell a story of health, youth, and radiance. Our best-in-class dermatologists can help you with better skin, today.

Your skin matters. Many consumers are unsure as to whether they have a cosmetic or a medical skin condition. After all, your skin is both your appearance and the largest organ of the body. It’s important both to how you look and to your general health.

For these reasons, we offer “medical dermatology” service on a non-insurance basis.

Our medical dermatology appointments are held right in our office in Foster City, California, not far from other Peninsula cities such as San Mateo, Burlingame, and Brisbane. If you have any of the following medical skin conditions, reach out to us for a consultation. Note: you may not be sure of your skin condition, so be aware that meeting with Dr. Canales is a good first step. He can evaluate your skin condition(s) and give recommendations.

Medical Dermatology – Conditions Treated

Mole Checks
Seborrehaic Dermatitis
Seborrheic Keratosis
Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Book a Consultation on your Medical Dermatology Needs

The main thing about skin care is that you are unique as is your skin. Only a consultation with a top-rated skin care specialist such as Dr. Canales can put you on the road to better skin. Call, click, or come in today for your consultation!