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Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology is not just the skin care clinic near you. We’re one of the best skin care clinics in Foster City. Our skin care specialists can evaluate your skin and give recommendations. We cover a wide range of technologies, and under the leadership of Dr. Miguel Canales, we can also advise on hair transplantation and hair loss issues (if necessary). We are thus beyond full service as a cosmetic dermatologist near you.

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Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology is one of the top-rated skin care clinics not just in Foster City but throughout the Peninsula. Whether you’re in San Mateo or Palo Alto, Los Altos or Burlingame (or anywhere in between) you owe it to your skin to visit our clinic. Founded by Dr. Miguel Canales, a leading skin care specialist in the field, Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology services Bay Area clients (both men and women) who care about their skin.

Services run the gamut from cosmetic dermatology to facials or microdermabrasians, all types of injectables (Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, etc.), to laser skin services such as laser skin rejuvenation or laser hair removal. We’re even known for “skin tightening” and acne laser peels.

Check out our website, including our client reviews and photo gallery of “before and after” skin care photos, then call or click to make your skin care appointment.Skin Care Clinic in Foster City, California

Foster City Factoid

Foster City is a planned community. Planned cities are wholly conceived from the outset, with an organized development plan (as opposed to haphazard development in segments throughout time). Expanded use of planned communities was an outgrowth of post World War II Great Britain, when urban destruction resulting from bombing during the war left Britons facing the daunting challenge of rebuilding their cities. At that time, the choice was made to rebuild according to a plan, rather than as the cities had been originally developed and built.

The success of the “new city” concept resulted in its gaining popularity in the United States. Two of the original planned communities were in Reston, Virginia, and Columbia, Maryland. In California, Foster City was soon followed by Irvine. By 1973 there were over 50 planned cities in the United States and others around the world.