Dr. Miguel Canales

Dr. Miguel Canales founded the Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology to bring advanced skin care solutions to Bay Area clients. Recognized throughout the region as one of the best skin care clinics, Dr. Miguel leads the industry with innovative technologies and procedures.Dr. Miguel Canales, a skincare and cosmetic dermatologist in Foster City near San Mateo and Burlingame in California.

Dr. Canales prides himself on working on the whole person. With deep expertise in hair transplantation and hair restoration, Dr. Canales can advise you on how to improve your appearance. Your skin, after all, is the surface of your appearance. The entire team of skin care specialists at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology works hard to create a plan for improving your skin.

If you’re looking for a best-in-class skin care specialist, reach out to Dr. Canales for a free consultation!

Education, Professional Training, Society Memberships

  • Stanford University Hospital, Surgical Internship 1997-1998, Surgical Resident 1998-1999
  • Harvard Medical School, Medical Doctor, M.D.
  • Stanford University, B.S. Chemical Engineering
  • Women’s Hair Loss and Hair Dermoscopy Training/Education with Antonella Tosti, MD (Bologna, Italy, 2013)
  • Scalp Micropigmentation Training and Certification (Milano, Italy)
  • Microneedling/epidermal infusion of medication for hair loss training (Brazil)
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons
  • American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons


Your skin, often regarded as the body’s largest organ, is a living testament to your health, age, and vitality. When contemplating cosmetic procedures, placing your trust in a top-rated cosmetic dermatologist is essential. Why? Let’s delve into the profound advantages.

  1. Deep Medical Experience: Unlike standard beauticians, a top-rated cosmetic dermatologist boasts rigorous medical training. They possess a comprehensive understanding of the skin’s anatomy, function, and potential issues. This means you’re not just getting a cosmetic treatment; you’re benefiting from medical expertise that ensures both efficacy and safety.
  2. Friendly Demeanor: Undergoing cosmetic procedures can be daunting for many. A dermatologist with a warm and friendly demeanor can alleviate fears, answer queries, and ensure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. Their approach should make you feel understood, valued, and cared for.
  3. Personalized Skincare Plans: Your skin is unique, and so should be your treatment plan. A top-tier dermatologist takes the time to assess your skin type, listen to your concerns, and formulate a tailored plan. This plan might encompass both medical treatments like topical prescriptions and surgical options, ensuring you receive holistic care.
  4. Free Consultation: An excellent dermatologist is confident in their skills and is willing to offer a free initial consultation. This gesture not only underscores their expertise but also provides you with an opportunity to gauge their approach, ask questions, and understand potential treatments without any commitment.
  5. Array of Treatment Options: The best in the field stay updated with the latest advancements in cosmetic dermatology. They can present an array of both medical and surgical options, ensuring you receive the most cutting-edge treatments available.

In essence, your skin deserves nothing but the best. And while there are myriad options out there, choosing a top-rated cosmetic dermatologist ensures you’re placing your trust in someone who marries medical prowess with aesthetic artistry. When it comes to your skin, don’t settle. Choose expertise, experience, and excellence.