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Many Burlingame Residents Have Tattoos That They Regret. We Can Remove Them

Go back fifty or sixty years, and hardly anyone had tattoos. About the only people who did so were sailors. Quite why that should be is not really known. But not many other people had them. However, that all changed, and it has now got to the point where lots of people have tattoos. Many of these people are so-called celebrities, such as the former footballer David Beckham, musician Zayn Malik, or Justin Bieber. With the last one, it is hard to find a plain piece of skin! (more…)
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If You Are Looking for Skin Care in Foster City, Our Laser Technology Will Help

Lasers are an incredible skin care technology! They can sculpt your face and improve your skin, when used in the hands of a skilled specialist. We have a wealth of laser technologies here at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology in Foster City, and our skilled team can select the perfect match for your skin type and condition. (more…)
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San Mateo Residents Care About Their Appearance

Residents of San Mateo really care about their health and their looks. They take exercise, go jogging, eat fresh fruit and veg every day, many belong to a gym, and they make sure to wear smart clothes – none of those jeans with rips all over them! Indeed, they really look after their skin as well and visit cosmetic dermatologists in San Mateo. (more…)
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