Top Estheticians in San Mateo Practice Skincare That Meets People ‘Where They Are’

Written by: Lee McDonald

June 2, 2023

Naturally perfect skin is honestly the luck of the draw. Some people are blessed with flawless, glowing skin. They may never need to step into our clinic if they have a good skin care regime and use sunscreen. But, most Bay Area residents will experience skin problems. Some issues are random such as rashes, dry skin, and outbreaks.top estheticians in San Mateo

There are also minor annoying problems like milia, aka “milk spots,” that look like tiny white pimples. And basic but prolific acne may be associated with a particular phase in life. Our clinic estheticians handle these outbreaks and bumps regularly, with terrific results.

When Bay Area locals come to us with more hereditary skin disorders, we also know how to manage that. Our clinic handles medical dermatology as well as cosmetics. People suffering from painful, embarrassing genetic skin disorders like cystic acne and seborrheic dermatitis can improve with the proper care.
The goal of a top skin care clinic is to meet people where they are. Whatever the skin condition, everyone deserves welcoming and professional support!


No one should walk into a clinic, including our skin care clinic right here in Foster City, and worry about justifying their reasons for lousy skin problems. We know they’ve been trying to manage it with frequent washing and over-the-counter creams. It just hasn’t worked, which is normal. Severe rashes, dry skin, and acne require the support of a professional. Once someone is in our clinic, we treat them kindly and acknowledge their frustration. Then, we are ready to use our experience to get them back to feeling and looking better.

Medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology are different practices, but they easily cross over. A person may need an esthetician to evaluate their skin condition, but it can require the support of a licensed dermatologist as well. Our expert team is prepared to support both medical and cosmetic skin concerns. Proper, professional skin care is always our long-term goal.

Clinic treatments involve a variety of state-of-the-art options like laser skin resurfacing, UL Therapy, and micro and nano skin peels. Our team takes the time to fully evaluate then, suggest the best answers to solving an individual skin problem. That includes a recommended skin care routine to help prevent or diminish future outbreaks.

If you are ready for a better solution to skin troubles, reach out to us. Our top estheticians support clients in San Mateo, Burlingame and the wider Silicon Valley area.

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