When It’s Time To Find Affordable Botox in San Mateo, Don’t Be Shy

Written by: Lee McDonald

May 21, 2023

Botox could be considered the “gold standard” for injectables. It’s been around since 1989 but wasn’t approved by the FDA for cosmetic procedures until 2002. Benefits can include noticing the visual effects years after treatment. Botox San Mateo, CASometimes, the skin appears smoother and more radiant even as a person ages. That is why the first injectable is one of the most popular!

You may know someone who’s used Botox. Maybe you assumed their discretionary finances allowed them to “afford” the treatments. You were too shy to ask how much for a Botox treatment, so you forgot about it. As time has progressed, you’re noticing deeper frown lines and a sallow, droopy appearance around the jaw. Over-the-counter serums are doing little. If it’s time to revisit the Botox discussion, it could be a surprise to learn the price of Botox is within reach.


As a licensed supplier, we’ve provided affordable Botox for San Mateo residents for years. And although we are happy to help anyone with treatment, we are more interested in what you need and what injectable will get the best results. Each injectable can come from a different family which means they provide various solutions. For instance, if a woman is looking for an eye lift without surgery, Botox may be the right choice. Another option is Dysport which is in the same injectable “family” as Botox. Both products can help lift and ‘freeze’ facial muscles to reduce tension (which can create wrinkles and sagging).

Fillers are also great injectables that help create a plumper, more contoured look around the face. They work by increasing the skin’s supply of hyaluronic acid, “filling in” spaces, and creating a youthful, fuller appearance. They are terrific for filling in crow’s feet or the lines above the lips. Dermal fillers like Radiesse (https://svaestheticderm.com/radiesse/), or Juvederm(https://svaestheticderm.com/juvederm/).

Yes, injectables don’t last forever, but that’s also a benefit. If the results differ from what someone seeks, they can try something different in about four months.
Skin care maintenance should change over time to support the evolving needs of an individual. If you are ready to discuss the cost of Botox in San Mateo, Palo Alto, or any city in the Bay Area, feel free to contact our Foster City Clinic to discuss a plan. We will also discuss several cost-effective alternatives to Botox.

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