When Being a Wild Child We Get Tattoos, Then Grow Up, and Then Need Help Getting Rid of Them

Written by: Lee McDonald

June 23, 2023

The Bay Area is known for adventurous, free-spirited people. Trying new things and experimenting is typical, especially for younger people playing with their identity. Like parents anywhere, Bay Area mothers and fathers could struggle with a “wild child” who likes to live by their own rules.Tattoo removal in San Mateo Maybe getting them through school and off to college safely was challenging, but you did it. And that rebellious teen has evolved into a more competent, reasonable adult working hard to achieve career goals.

As any parent knows, the job is never over. Adult children might struggle to manage a busy schedule and pay their bills. If they are concerned about the appearance of a tattoo, they may feel embarrassed about the permanent mark of a “bad choice” but aren’t in a position to get it removed.

Although tattoos have become popular among the general population, laser tattoo removal is also on trend. And we’ve met plenty of parents who’ve decided to help their adult child manage the price of tattoo removal.


Tattoos are typically meant to signify a personal experience. Whatever that person is dealing with, they choose a tattoo to match. Or maybe it was a quick decision based on too much alcohol and encouraging friends. Either way, as people grow, they change, and so do their standards. It’s not up to us to judge; it’s our job to help people move on by removing an unwanted tattoo.

Maybe it’s not the kid who’s regretting their ink, it’s you. Those cute flowers vining along your lower back have lost their charm. The amateur skull on your arm appears, well, amateurish. It’s become embarrassing, and you tire of the odd looks and chuckles when asked to explain a mistake from decades past. There’s nothing to explain to us!

New best-in-class laser technology is designed to remove tattoo ink in a precise and reliable manner permanently.
Some people love their unique and beautiful tattoos and want to display them for life proudly. We appreciate that. But for those who want to let go of what a tattoo means to them, we are here to help without judgment.

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