Seven Reasons Why We Love Foster City at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology

Written by: Lee McDonald

February 4, 2023

At Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, we love Foster City. Then again, we should do it because our office is based here!There are many reasons to love Foster City, including our skin care clinic.


But that is perfect for our patients because Foster City is just so convenient for all of the Bay Area. Highway 92 runs right through the city centre and connects it to the Pacific at Half Moon Bay, and Fremont and Union City on the other side of the Bay.

It is only 10 miles to San Francisco Airport, 23 to Oakland Airport, 22 miles to San Francisco, 20 miles to Mountain View, and 30 to San Jose. It’s just ten minutes down the road from San Mateo as well. From the point of view of patients who come to our office in order to produce their perfect skin condition, it is so easy to get to.


Foster City is also quiet. Maybe it is not exciting enough, if you are young and want to go to bars and nightclubs all the time, because there are not very many of them, but at the same time that makes it safe and clean for the local residents. The streets and roads are in great condition.


Foster City is no San Francisco or San Jose when it comes to shopping, but it has a Costco and several other big box stores, and plenty of small shops, supermarkets, and restaurants.

The Bay

There are marinas, sailing boats, canals, and so on, so you can get out on the water easily, and go water skiing, paddle boarding, or whatever else “floats your boat”! There are lots of water inlets and ponds where you will find geese and ducks. In addition, Foster City has many parks and greenbelts.

Not Too Hot

In the summer, when the neighboring cities get hot, the temperature around the bay is comfortable.


Foster City is a safe city in which to live. It was rated 6th out of the 50 safest cities in California in 2017.


These are first-class for your kids, both the elementary and middle schools.

Any Cons?

Well, there would have to be, wouldn’t there? It was beginning to sound a bit like paradise, and in some respects it is.

However, the roads can be a pain in the peak hours because of all the traffic heading for the San Mateo Bridge. Foster City is also not a cheap place to live, either. It’s not as expensive as San Mateo next door, but then the cost of living there is no less than 44% higher than the national average, with the cost of housing a whopping 135% higher!

But all in all, we have no complaints. We’re not going to move out of Foster City any time soon!

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