Many People Suffer From Skin Problems, but Not All Are the Same

Written by: Lee McDonald

January 3, 2023

At Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, we are not a medical clinic. We do not deal with skin diseases and other medical issues. The clue is in our name – “aesthetic”. We provide cosmetic skincare options in San Mateo, and all of the surrounding cities, for all of those who need them.Skin condition can vary from one person to another.

People who live in the Bay Area, by and large always want to look their best, but unfortunately, as we get older, we most certainly begin to look older and – if you like – past our best. But there is no need to put up with that. You can have your looks restored and return to the way that you looked in your younger days by letting us use the appropriate skin care techniques to make you feel proud of yourself again.

There is another very big benefit to restoring those youthful looks, because as well as looking great again, you will also feel great. When you feel that you look old, it can be depressing, but when you know that you look many years younger once more it can give a real boost to your mental health. So, there are many benefits to using our skincare treatments.

If you are seeking cosmetic skincare options in San Mateo, then we are only just a few minutes’ drive away in Foster City. We provide our services to many San Mateo residents, and you may well know someone who suddenly looks years younger than the last time you saw them. It can be really invigorating, and we can do the same for you.

No Two People Are the Same

We provide a wide range of different therapies because no two people are exactly the same, and what is right for you may not be right for your next-door neighbor. So, for example, everyone has heard of Botox, but did you know that there are several other types of skin injectables as well? They act in different ways, and so it could be that something such as Kybella or Dysport might be the appropriate answer for your skin condition rather than Botox.

Then again, it may be that an injectable, of whatever sort, is not the best procedure for your individual condition. It might be better to use a laser treatment to restore those young good looks again. In the horse racing world, there are what is known as “horses for courses”, meaning that certain horses perform particularly well at certain racecourses.

Much the same thing applies to skin restoration. So, if you are looking for cosmetic skincare options in San Mateo, make an appointment to see one of our experts who will be able to advise you of the best treatment.

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