Many San Mateo Residents Come to Foster City for Their Skin Care

Written by: Lee McDonald

November 11, 2022

San Mateo is the “big city” next to Foster City, and many of them need skin care. Those who are “in the know” hop in their cars and take the ten-minute drive to Foster City to see our San Mateo skin care specialists at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, because they know that we provide every type of skincare and all of the best products.San Mateo tattoo removal

We are vendor-neutral, meaning that we don’t recommend a product because it is the most expensive. We recommend products only if you need them, and then only the most suitable product for your individual skin condition. The good news is that it could be the cheapest! As San Mateo skin care specialists, we see clients with a whole range of different skin types, and what is right for one may be wrong for another. Our aim is always to make your skin the most beautiful that it can be.

To that end, we also provide a huge choice of different therapies. So, for example, you might need injectables such as Botox or Dysport. However, a laser skin treatment might be better. Then again, a skin tightening treatment may be the best in your case, and there are several FDA-approved skin tightening technologies available.

Tattoo Removal

Perhaps you need a tattoo removed. Quite a number of people have a tattoo that outlives its’ usefulness for many different reasons. For instance, it is quite common for someone to have a tattoo of a partner’s name. But then, as can happen, the partnership breaks up, and yet you are still stuck with that name wherever it happens to be. You no longer have to worry about that because we can remove a tattoo using a laser procedure.

You might want hair removal. It is an unfortunate fact that we can have hair where we don’t want it, and not enough where we do – on the head! (If you have a problem with the latter, our sister business, Silicon Valley Hair Institute can help you with that). But if you need hair removal, from anywhere on the body, we can use a laser for that too.

Another procedure that is non-invasive is ultherapy. This uses ultrasound to lift and tighten skin on the neck, chin, and brow, and can clear wrinkles and lines on the décolletage. Since it is a non-invasive therapy, another benefit is that there is no downtime after the procedure.

So, if you are looking for San Mateo skin care specialists, make an appointment to see one of our experts and let us restore your natural beauty.

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