Laser Therapy Goes Even Beyond Skin

Written by: Lee McDonald

March 21, 2022

The laser is a very clever invention and was first produced in December 1958. Today it has very many different uses. According to Wikipedia, most types of lasers are an inherently pure source of light. They emit near-monochromatic light with a very well-defined range of wavelengths. Lasers have many different uses, including for skin care.

The word laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. There’s something that you never knew!

A laser has been used to measure with extreme accuracy the distance between the earth and the moon. Lasers can be used to harden the surface of certain materials. They are used in cooling some things. They are being experimented with in nuclear fusion. It is thought that, in the future, scientists may be able to induce rain and lightning storms by using a laser, which could eradicate drought in some areas of the world. Just round the corner from you, in your local Walmart, they probably use laser barcode scanners.

And lasers can also be used for skincare because they can remove very thin layers of skin. They can also remove hair, remove acne, and smooth your skin. If you are searching for a “laser skincare clinic near me” and you are anywhere near Foster City, you should find us at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology where we use lasers for various applications.

Tattoo Removal via Laser

For instance, if you have a tattoo that you no longer want, which is the case with many people, we can usually remove it with a laser. The whole point of having a tattoo is that it is either for decoration, or in many instances is in recognition of someone or something else. So, you might have the name of your partner, or a pet, or a charity that you support, in order to display your appreciation.

However, as time passes, things can change, and that means that you may no longer want to display that tattoo.

You might want laser skin resurfacing. As we age, our skin can show the signs of sun damage, abrasion, wrinkles, and so on, and if you search for “laser skin care clinic near me” we will come up on your radar. Our special laser treatment can remove the very outer layers of skin. What happens is that as the skin heals, the new skin cells that form will give your skin a much tighter, smoother surface, and so help to make you look so much younger again. What’s not to like?

So whatever issues you have with skin care, when you search for “laser skin care clinic near me”, note our phone number and give us a call to make an appointment for a free consultation when our experts can give you the benefit of their advice.

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