If You Want a Burlingame Cosmetic Dermatologist, Go to Foster City

Written by: Lee McDonald

June 7, 2021

Dermatology is a big field. Burlingame is quite small, with a population of just over 30,000. But it’s affluent, and many folks in the city care a lot about their appearance. And that includes their skin. Go to Foster City for cosmetic dermatology in BurlingameThe good news is that just down the road in Foster City is a clinic run by a superior staff. So, if you are looking for a cosmetic dermatologist in Burlingame, Foster City is where you need to go.

At Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology in Foster City, we understand that your skin is not just about health, but about how it looks too. Unfortunately, as we age, so does our skin, and it starts to become loose and sag, resulting in wrinkles. Very often, you can look a lot older than you actually are, just because of the way your skin appears to others.

This can have side effects as well. For instance, even though you may only be in your forties, you may be overlooked for a promotion at work because of your appearance. You can be great at what you do, and then sit there wondering why someone younger than you was promoted to a job above you! It can well be that it is nothing whatever to do with your abilities, but just because you look “past it”.

You Need To Look The “Bee’s Knees”

People who live in Burlingame are well aware of just how important it is to look the “bee’s knees” at all times, and this is why they will start to look for a cosmetic dermatologist in Burlingame even though they are only in their thirties. They say that the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, while the second-best time is now. So, if you care about your appearance, make an appointment to see one of our expert consultants.

One of the procedures that we offer at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology is microdermabrasion. This procedure is great at dealing with the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, age spots, melasma, and damage caused by staying too long in the sun. Let’s face it: we all stayed out in the sun for too long when we were younger because we just didn’t know any better. Today we do, so getting rid of the evidence can help your appearance incredibly.

We also provide the full range of injectables at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology including Juvederm, Restylane, Botox, Kybella, and Dysport among others. In addition, we can provide you with laser skin treatments if appropriate.

If you are looking or a cosmetic dermatologist in Burlingame, make an appointment for a consultation. Everybody is different, so we need to be able to assess the best treatment for you as an individual.

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