If You Want the Best-Looking Skin in San Mateo, You Need High Tech

Written by: Lee McDonald

June 30, 2020

San Mateo residents are very high tech. They want the latest cars like Teslas, and the latest gadgets like the coolest new iPhones. High tech skin care for San Mateo residentsBut then if you live in San Mateo you can afford these latest toys because the cost of living in San Mateo compared with the rest of the US – and even compared with the rest of California – is sky-high.

Taking into account housing, healthcare, groceries, transport, utilities, and miscellaneous items, with the average figure for the US being 100, the average figure for California is 149.9.

If you thought that was high, just wait: the figure for San Mateo is 270.6!! (https://www.bestplaces.net/cost_of_living/city/california/san_mateo).

San Mateo people are also very concerned about their looks. They want to look their best at all times and that means not just their hair and their clothing, but the look of their skin too. And that means laser skincare in San Mateo.

Laser skincare is very high tech too, but as a San Mateo resident, you need to come just down the road to Foster City for laser skincare in San Mateo. Here you will find Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology with our director, Dr. Miguel Canales. We provide a full range of skin treatments including laser skin rejuvenation.

We Look Older Because We ARE Older

As we age, our skin suffers from too much sun, chemicals, abrasions, and so on, and it affects the way we look. We start to look older because we ARE older, but laser skincare in San Mateo can help to rejuvenate the skin and make you look a lot younger than you are. The way it works is that the laser can remove the skin with precision layer by layer. As it heals, the new skin cells that grow give the skin a younger, tighter looking surface making you look ten, twenty, or even more years, younger again. It’s very high tech, but you have to admit, very clever.

Who doesn’t want to look 20 years younger? And that doesn’t just go for the girls, either. Plenty of men who are aging would love the chance to look younger again. It not only makes you look younger, but it also gives your confidence a huge boost when you look in the mirror and see the you that you were 20 years ago.

So if you are looking for laser skincare in San Mateo, take a trip across to Foster City. Dr. Canales is happy to provide all patients with a totally free consult, which at present can be done online by Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, and so on, and he will be able to answer all your questions.

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