There Is a Place in Foster City Which Can Make Your Skin Look Younger

Written by: Lee McDonald

June 29, 2020

If there is one thing that is certain in this life, it is that we all get older. As we do, it begins to show up on our bodies, in particular as our skin gets wrinkles and becomes looser.skin care If you live in the Bay Area and are suffering from this problem, you may be looking for skin resurfacing clinics near Foster City and you can do no better than Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology which is actually located in Foster City itself.

Here you will find our director, Dr. Miguel Canales, who is a skin rejuvenation specialist and can use a range of different techniques in order to help you regain that lost youthful look of years gone by. Your family and friends will be amazed when you have healthier younger-looking skin.

One of the tactics that Dr. Canales uses is laser skin resurfacing. The laser is a very high tech piece of equipment that can do things to very precise measurements and is used in all sorts of different ways. For instance, you can use a laser to measure a room exactly down to the last millimeter.

Effective For Removing Wrinkles Around the Forehead, Eyes, And Mouth

In the case of skincare, in one process we use a laser to remove worn and tired looking skin layer by layer with exact precision. As the new skin cells then grow during the healing process, they produce skin which has a much tighter younger-looking surface. This can be very effective for removing wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes and the mouth.

We can also remove your tattoos with laser technology. Unfortunately, until recently, if you had a tattoo that you no longer wanted, you were stuck with it. This can often happen when someone has a tattoo of the name of someone important and very special, but the relationship breaks up and they now want to remove the tattoo. Nowadays that can be done with a laser too, so you are no longer stuck with something that you don’t want.

We can also provide laser hair removal. Many women prefer not to have underarm hair and may also want pubic hair removal, and this can be achieved using a laser. You no longer are stuck with something that you don’t want when you come to us at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology.

So if you are looking for skin resurfacing clinics near Foster City, or need any other sort of laser treatment, make an appointment to see our Dr. Canales. He provides all patients with a completely free consult.

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