If You Are Suffering From Aging in Burlingame, Come to Foster City

Written by: Lee McDonald

September 24, 2022

Burlingame is not a huge community. It’s not San Francisco or San Jose. In fact, the population is only just about 30,000, but they are a friendly, and also fairly wealthy, lot.Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology can help Burlingame residents with skin issues.

As such, residents there are always keen to look their best, and that includes dealing with the process of aging. We all do that, aging, that is, but there is no reason to look a lot older than you feel. So, if you are searching for skin care clinics in Burlingame, you would do well to make an appointment to visit us at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology. We are not actually in Burlingame itself, but just a few minutes’ drive down the road in Foster City.

We are recognized as one of the foremost skin care clinics in the Bay Area, and with good reason. Our team is led by Dr. Miguel Canales who is known as a world-leading authority on hair restoration, which is also very connected with skin conditions, in this case on the scalp. You could not be in better hands.

Every Available Treatment

At Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, we don’t just provide a handful of treatments. We can provide every type of treatment that is available, all under the one roof. Everybody is different, so what is best for one person’s skin may not be suitable for another, and vice versa.

So, if you are looking for skin care clinics in Burlingame, you may find that there is a limit to the types of procedures that other clinics offer. We provide them all – injectables, ultrasound, laser treatments, cosmetic dermatology, facials, microdermabrasion – you name it, we do it.

What’s more, we have said this elsewhere, but we are what we call “vendor neutral”. What that means is that we won’t recommend a particular procedure because it may be the most expensive, but we recommend what is best for each individual patient.

So, for instance, the best treatment for your skin could be an injectable, but there are several of those. So, while something such as Botox could be the best for one patient, the best for you might be Radiesse or Dysport. Or the other way around.

Then again, an injectable may not be the most appropriate. You could need laser skin rejuvenation, for example. The fact is that we simply don’t know until we have seen you for a consultation. The good news, if you are looking for skin care clinics in Burlingame, is that we offer all patients a free consultation with no obligation. Click on the Contact link at the top of the page to book yours.

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