If You Need a Skin Care Clinic in the Bay Area Near You, We’re Here for You

Written by: Lee McDonald

November 2, 2021

Bay Area people are busy. The traffic is terrible. And the “Bay Area lifestyle” is one full of work, and lots more besides. Not surprisingly, people search for a “skin care clinic near me”, or near you, so to speak.A skin care clinic in Foster City, very near you.Fortunately, at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, we are literally at the foot of San Mateo Bridge in Foster City, so it’s easy for you to pop in and let us deal with any skin care issues. We’re literally a “skin care clinic near you”, by the bridge, which makes us convenient for busy Bay Area commuters.

Let’s be honest: people who live in the Bay Area always want to look their absolute best, and quite right too. Far too many people in the 21st century couldn’t care less about how they look, but that is showing disrespect to others.

It Can Help You In Your Career

And it is not all about showing respect to others, although that is important. But by doing that, it can help you get on in your career. Yes, we know that may sound strange, but think about it. If you work for a company and there is a promotion looming, all other things being equal, out of two people who is likely to get the promotion? Someone who looks ragged and as though they really couldn’t care how they actually appear to others, or someone who takes care and presents themselves in the best possible light?

That’s just one of the reasons for always endeavoring to look your absolute best. Here’s another: if you look great with lovely soft, smooth skin, it is very likely that you will attract the best partner for you. You can be a great, fun person – intelligent, witty, and outgoing – but if you look unappealing that is going to go against you.

As we said, we are a skin care clinic near you, because wherever you are in the Bay Area, Foster City is easily accessible. More importantly, our team provides the skin care that you need, whatever your ethnicity and whatever the present condition of your skin. Not everyone is the same. Some people would be better off using one of our many injectables which can have amazing results very quickly.

Another person might be better off using our laser skin care such as the Halo procedure, or perhaps ultherapy. We need to inspect your skin and we will then be able to advise you on the best procedure for your individual condition.

But fortunately, our doctor, Dr. Miguel Canales, is very happy to provide all of our clients with a free consultation which you can book at our skin care clinic near you by clicking on the Contact link at the top of the page.

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