Affluent San Mateo Residents Will Go Far in Order to Get the Best

Written by: Lee McDonald

September 12, 2021

Only the best of anything is good enough for residents of San Mateo, and as a result they are willing to go wherever they need to in order to get it. The best burger? They might drive to Palo Alto. The best view? Only the best is good enough for San Mateo residentsThey might drive to the Golden Gate bridge. And the best skin care clinic in San Mateo? They know that it is not in San Mateo, but in Foster City, and that is a really short drive.

This is where they will find Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology, which is the best skin care clinic in San Mateo, and not just in San Mateo but in the Bay Area as a whole. Under the directorship of our Dr. Miguel Canales, a leading skin care specialist for many years, our team provides every type of skin care that you can imagine, including injectables such as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and so on, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, laser tattoo removal, and more.

We are often asked for laser tattoo removal because it is common today for people to have a tattoo, or several tattoos, which for one reason or another they may regret later on. One of the most common reasons is having the name of a special person tattooed somewhere, only for that relationship to break up further down the line. Sad, but it happens.

Until recently, if that was the case there was nothing that you could do about it. You were stuck with the tattoo. But today we can use a laser to remove it and save you from all the embarrassment.

It Is Not The Only Thing That Can Be Done With A Laser

But that is not the only thing that we can do with a laser. You may, like many people – especially women – want hair removed from certain parts of the body. It is a sad paradox that many of us have hair where we don’t want it and don’t have it where we do – on the head. Thinning hair is something that happens to many people as they get older. Our partner company, Silicon Valley Hair Institute can help you with that, but if you have hair where you don’t want it, we can remove it for you.

San Mateo residents also suffer from wrinkles as their skin ages, along with many other people, and this can be helped by the use of injectables. We have a full range of injectables and can recommend the correct one for your particular skin condition.

So, whatever sort of issues you may have with your skin, remember that when you want the best skin care clinic in San Mateo, it is ten minutes’ drive away in Foster City.

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