If You Are a Burlingame Resident Serious About Your Skin, Come to Foster City

Written by: Lee McDonald

December 5, 2020

Burlingame is pretty small, with a population of only 43,000. But everyone who lives or works there LOVES the community. It’s diverse. It’s open-minded. The best Burlingame cosmetic dermatologists are in Foster CityAnd everyone loves to have a good time. All Burlingame residents realize how important it is to look their best at all times, but unfortunately aging is something that happens to all of us, and it shows up on face, neck, brow, decolletage, and elsewhere, with skin that begins to sag as the collagen production of the body gets lower.

The answer is that people go looking for cosmetic dermatologists in Burlingame, but when they do so they find that the best cosmetic dermatologists in the Bay Area are not in Burlingame itself, but in Foster City. Fortunately, it is a very short drive of only 15 minutes, and here you will find Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology who can solve all those issues about aging and sagging skin. In fact, people flock to us from everywhere in the Bay Area, not just Burlingame.

A Qualified Medical Doctor With Additional Skills

A cosmetic dermatologist is a qualified medical doctor who has additional skills in dermatology which enable him or her to deal with skin conditions cosmetically: in other words, skills that enable the doctor to reverse the appearance of aging skin and make it look many years younger. He can also deal with things such as wart removal, acne, and so on.

Our team at Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology is led by Dr Miguel Canales who is an acknowledged expert in the treatment of all skin conditions and hair restoration. His whole life revolves around making people look their very best, so if you are looking for cosmetic dermatologists in Burlingame you need to get in the car and come over to see him in Foster City.

Our skill sets include injectables such as Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane; facials including microdermabrasians, skin tightening, microskin peels, etc.; light therapy including laser therapy; and Ultherapy which boosts collagen production by using ultrasound and without any surgery whatsoever.

Many of our procedures can be carried out in an hour or two and the results can be dramatic. Treatments such as Ultherapy are relatively new but are rapidly becoming established as a unique way to revive sagging skin without injections or any invasive procedures whatsoever.

If you live in Burlingame and have any issues with the appearance of your skin, and are looking for cosmetic dermatologists in Burlingame, then book an appointment to see Dr Canales. He offers all patients a completely free consultation, and you can book one by clicking on the Contact link at the top of the page.

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