Skin Care for Busy Bay Area Consumers

We’re excited to launch Silicon Valley Aesthetic Dermatology! We’re affiliated with the Silicon Valley Hair Institute and the incredible Dr. Miguel Canales, offering Bay Area consumers are “one stop shop” for all their aesthetic needs. Let’s talk for a moment about the Bay Area. What do we know? Well, first and foremost, we know that Bay Area people are BUSY. They’re go-getters. They may be involved in the next start up in Palo Alto, changing the world with a mind-blowing app. Or perhaps they’re a venture capitalist on Sand Hill road, finding the future. Or perhaps they’re a Mom & Pop business owner in San Mateo, working a historic pizza parlor.

Skin Care Clinic in Foster City, California

Or perhaps they’re you. Working hard – at your job, or at your family. Working hard to stay up with everything and everyone, and like the rest of us, aging. We all age. All of us, no exceptions. And here in the brilliant Bay Area we get more than our fair share of sun. We love the sun! Who doesn’t? But guess what, sun can damage your skin. And that skin damage is cumulative. So all those sunny days playing at the beach in San Francisco or Half Moon Bay, playing tennis in Menlo Park, or out in the sun gardening in Burlingame – guess what? They’ve damaged your skin.

Skin and Harsh Chemicals

Another area of skin damage is the harsh chemicals we have historically put on our faces and skin, more generally. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, we were in the “industrial age” and thought nothing of putting toxic chemicals on our skin. Nowadays, we know better, but – again – you may have cumulative skin damage. Every person is unique and what’s taking a toll on their skin can be different – genetics, outdoor sun, or harsh chemicals – it can all depend. But guess what? We now have new technologies that can recover and even reverse some of your skin attributes.

Reach out to Dr. Canales today for a free consultation and evaluation of your skin care needs. Dr. Canales is a best-in-class skin care doctor. With our skin care and medical spa right here in wonderful Foster City, we’re close to San Mateo, Burlingame, and San Carlos. Many busy Peninsula residents turn to us for their skin care needs. Why? Because they’re busy yet they want to look their best.

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